Welcome to Techs Only, Inc.

Techs Only, Inc. is a full service residential A/V integration company with over 30 years of combined expertise in design, engineering, and installation. We've been blessed with the opportunity to design and install some of the most exotic systems in the world. Having worked in homes approaching 40,000 square feet, we developed the skills and understanding to complete jobs of all sizes and complexity.

The team at Techs Only has been in the industry since 1996, and realized early on that satisfied clients are what determines your future success. Whether your designing a dedicated home theater thats mechanically isolated with over 26 channels of amplification, or designing a system for your newborns bedroom. It must satisfy two requirements; It MUST be reliable and it MUST be easy to operate.

We approach all jobs with a positive attitude and professional work ethic. By following guidelines we have developed through experience, every job is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding clientele. Techs Only, Inc. has the right contacts, experience and technological ability to not only meet your needs, but to consistently exceed them.